To Dealers at

25th Annual European H.O.G. Rally, 16.-19. June 2016, Portorož, Slovenia

The dealers at a sales stand in Slovenia must follow Slovenian sales and tax obligations. Here you will find the initial information for your selling activities in Slovenia and contacts of local consultant for further assistance.

1.    Acquisition of the control number for the seller

The foreign company and its managing director must apply for the tax number in Slovenia. A copy of the extract from the company register, translated into Slovenian, as well as the passport copy from the managing director are required.

2.    Registration for the VAT purposes in Slovenia

If you are VAT registered in your own country, you should also apply for the VAT number in Slovenia. The application process lasts about 2 weeks. The application can only be made via electronic communication with the tax authorities in Slovenia.

3.    Cash registers compulsory in Slovenia

The "mandatory cash registering process" means that the billing is immediately confirmed by the tax office. You can either buy a fiscal cash register, rent or if you expect only few invoices, it can be done manually in an account book, which is previously confirmed by the tax office. Compliance with the mandatory cash registers is checked on a regular basis by the mobile financial officials. The penalties are up to 50,000 EUR. 

4.    Registration of foreign sales staff at the employment office

As a trader you are also obliged to electronically register your foreign sales staff at the Slovenian employment office. Additionally you should get a tax number for each seller, if you will use the compulsory cash registers. In case of manual issuing of invoices, the tax numbers are not necessary.

5.    Our service

Full service of steps 1,2 and 4 is offered by us. 

The step no. 3 with the electronic cash registers can only be activated by yourself at Telekom Slovenija d.d..

Only in case of the manual account book we can support you and arrange up to 2 books to be at your disposal and also to post the issued invoices in the online system of tax authorities after the event in 10 working days. Additional books can be bought at the store MLADINSKA KNJIGA, Obala 107, Portorož, Mon-Fri: 8-19 and Sat:8-13.

Contact:          Ms Mateja Babič

T:                    +386 59 071 706