Our services

In the Tax sphere we offer you an integrated service of tax consulting for private persons and for entities.

Private persons:

- giving warnings on deadlines for submitting tax return, preparing tax returns and settlings,

- checking the correctness of tax order and representing clients in tax inspection overviews,

- support with the preparation of capital gain return, deposit interest return tax, for deposits obtained from the banks in EU, support with registration of dependants, overview of informative calculation of tax return,

- we are specialized in questions from the international sphere of social security and taxation for physical persons, who are residents of RS, but work in one of the other countries who are members of EU,

- know-how of double taxation elimination of the same incomings in two different countries and of double taxation elimination agreement, which was made between Slovenia and 50 other countries, enables us the solving of questions of double taxation and determination of correct tax deduction in the source country (interests, dividends, capital profits, real estate income, income of directors, sportsman and artists,…).

For entities we offer:

- taxation planning and optimization,

- tax accompaniment of correctness of business operation,

- preparation of tax settlement and cooperation in tax inspection reviews,

- we perform fast overall or precise overview of business operation from the tax viewpoint and consequently advise about the appropriate ratio between equity- and debt funding,

- we give much attention to business events with international component – payout of income from Slovenia to a foreign country and vice versa – and obligation to settlement or exemption from tax deduction at source,

- we prepare annual tax deductions for entities (slo DDPO - Corporate profit tax), perform registrations of foreign companies for VAT purposes in Slovenia and hand in monthly tax returns.

- we continuously answer questions from the field of VAT, income tax, procedure questions from the field of taxes, watercraft use tax, motor vehicle use tax and corporate income tax, where there is also the execution  of tax neutral status changes.

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