2000           Degree of the Faculty of Economics in Ljubljana

  2005           LL.M Study in the Faculty of Economics in Wien (


  1999           LeitnerLeitner, Linz, Austria; On-Job-Training

  2000-2011 LeitnerLeitner, Ljubljana, Slovenia; Procurator, Senior Manager for tax law

  from 2012  independent Tax Consultant at

Presentations und Webinars

1. Webinar 21.8.2012: Write of execution and the Changes of the legal Redemption Dates

2. Webinar 10.7.2012: Effect of different Tax Packages on Private and Business Life

3. Webinar 20.01.2012: Practical Examples of the Social Security of Managers in Einmann-GmbH

4. Webinar 16.12.2011: Social Security of Managers in Einmann-GmbH

5. German-Slovenian Industry- and Chamber of Commerce, Breakfast at Work “Thin-cap-Regulation in 2011”, 2.February 2011 (in Slovenian).

6. Hotel Mons, Ljubljana, in the Organization of the Economy Newspaper Finance: »A Seminar about the Capital Taxation and the Cross-border Taxation of the Income from Work Relationship«, 15.February 2007.

7. Hotel Mons, Ljubljana, in the Organization of the Economy Newspaper Finance: »The Novelties of the Income Taxation- and Corporate Profit Tax Law with 1.1.2007«, 7.December 2006

The Chamber of Commerce Slovenia, Ljubljana: »Client Seminar Leitner+Leitner: Challenges and Risks of the Entrance of Slovenia into EU«, 5. February 2004.

Magazine publications

1. Kavčič dr. Slavka, Babič Mateja: Transfer Prices for Services in accordance with OECD-directive; Revizor, Year XI, Nr. 12, Dec. 2001, Slovenian. (Diploma)

3. Economic Newspaper FINANCE: »Application of EU-Interest directive«, 29.07.2003, Slovenian.

4. Economic Newspaper FINANCE: »Application of EU-Mother-Daughter-Directive«, 12.08.2003, Slovenian.

5. Babič, Mateja, Janežič, Karmen: EU Accession and the Slovenian Tax System, IBFD European Taxation, April 2004, Vol.44, Number 4, 2004, p.171-175, English.

6. Babič M.: Source vs. Residence Principle; Differences between residents and non-residents concerning progression; Linde Verlag, 2005, English. (Master thesis LL.M.)

7. Babič M.: The taxation of Interest Savings Income in the European Capital Market; Slovenia's report on the Implementation of the Savings Directive, Sites 339 to 352, Linde Verlag, 2006, English.

8. … Wirtschaftsblatt FINANCE: «Taxation of covered Distribution of Profits«, 13.02.2007, Slovenian.